The Great Hall and…Other Projects

Well, I admit that I’d planned for this post to be a bit more grandiose. But the reality is that my work on this whole project seems to be stalling (hopefully just temporarily) and I wanted to at least get the blog up to date in the meantime.

Without further ado, here’s a gallery showing my progress on the POA version of the Great Hall so far:

You can see how I gave some rough indication of the interior with its hammerbeam roof elements, since the interior will be visible in nighttime renders.

Sadly, that’s as far as I’ll probably get for a while. My brain tends to be quite fickle with its hobbies – I tend to move from one passion to the next, perhaps more often than I’d like. I posted recently about the Star Wars project I’ve been working on – that has been occupying all of my 3D modeling energies, and even that has been playing second fiddle to some music projects lately.

The model still sits patiently on my hard drive, though, with technical drawings all lined up and reference images ready to inform the next steps. It’ll just be a matter of seeing when my brain decides to revisit Hogwarts.

In the meantime…mischief managed!


3 thoughts on “The Great Hall and…Other Projects

  1. Come on, dude, get the fuck on with it. This is awesome. And they removed the Welcome to Hogwarts feature, so you’re my last hope for a detailed look around Hogwarts.

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    1. Haha it’s funny you should mention it. Just in the last few days I’ve been looking at the possibility of getting back into this project. There are some technical hurdles with my machine at the moment, though. No promises, but maybe I’ll be able to get more work done soon!


  2. Hello I’ve recently discovered your work and I have to say : It is absolutely gorgeous !

    Two years ago I noticed that we couldn’t find any detailed 3D models of Hogwarts, so, as I was getting into 3D modeling I started mine. I’ve built quite a big part of the castle but I eventually stopped because of a lack of time. In this period, I’m going to continue my work. But when I saw you work I was absolutely amazed, especially for your texturing and detailing abilities, that’s why I want to share you my researches, I have a lot of blueprints and references from internet that you would find useful. I would also love to share you my work if you are intrested, I have made the whole front courtyard, the boathouse with millimeter precision and a lot more you already have.

    Send me an e-mail so we can chat !
    mail :

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