Special Announcement

Something a little different today: I’m thrilled to share that I’m going to be providing Hogwarts visual effects for an upcoming French fan film entitled Les Fondateurs: La Quête de Gryffondor. This is the second film in a series about the founders of Hogwarts and a few shots are going to feature the castle…my castle! It’s still early on, but I’m excited to see this project come together. Here’s the very first promotional image of Hogwarts!

You can learn more about the project (and even help financially) here.

More updates on the main Hogwarts 4D project to come!


3 thoughts on “Special Announcement

  1. Damn, Hogwarts is looking seriously beautiful in that render! (You’ve really managed to capture that misty, Gothic atmosphere they pulled off from PoA onward – nice work!) Totally pumped to know we’re gonna be seeing your model on screen in the not-too-distant future – will have to pop over and chuck the team a couple of quid to make sure it gets made. =) Bet we’d all love to see any future renders you make for the movie up on this blog, too!


    1. Thank you kindly! The team wanted that misty look and I had a lot of fun adjusting the environment to oblige. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post the actual renders for the film till it’s released, but perhaps I’ll be able to share some “behind the scenes” stuff at least!


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