The POA Clock Tower Approaches Completion

More staircase stuff to come, but for now, back to the main project! With my clock tower photogrammetry in place, I was able to finish up the clock tower’s entryway, again relying more on shots of the set than shots of the miniature, since that area is really only visible from above or from within the courtyard. Fortunately, the sets seem to match the miniature pretty well here. Even though the miniature as currently installed at Leavesden has the doors closed and portcullis down, I decided to keep mine nice and open. My Hogwarts is a welcoming, friendly place. Just look at all the people.

Awkward. Well, anyway, the details look cool, but it’s hard to see beyond the archway; it gets darker in the shadows. Let’s crank up the exposure a little and move beneath the arch to take in all this stuff that we’ll rarely see otherwise!

The actual interior is still dark and boring, but there’ll soon be big windows on the other side of the room.

Let’s talk about those doors, by the way. John Williams wrote a cue for the scene in which they’re locked to secure the school, and he called it “The Big Doors”. He wasn’t kidding. They’re HUGE – around 67 or 68 feet tall, by my estimation. I’m sure they only built the bottom portion for the set, but in the miniature, they just go up and up and up. Imagine the weight…imagine trying to open or close them by hand…

Anyway, the next step was to add windows on the other faces of the clock tower, as well as the details on the dormers along the roof. (Fortunately, these seem to be very similar or identical to the ones on the roof of the Defense Against the Dark Arts building, which I’ve already created, so this didn’t take long.)

With those finished, there are precisely three details left to add to the clock tower: the big window in the back, a small arch at one of the corners, and another door at another corner. Oh, and probably the clock pendulum, too. So four. But I can’t find good reference for the big window, and there’s no point in putting in the pendulum till I have the big window to silhouette it against…and the placement of the arch and door will depend on the placement of the courtyard, and I’m not going to build the courtyard till I’ve built the ruined fountain in the middle. (No sense in enclosing the courtyard and then having to constantly hide pieces to build the stuff inside.) So the fountain is up next!


6 thoughts on “The POA Clock Tower Approaches Completion

  1. I’m so thrilled you’re working on this project again! One of the coolest things I’ve ever come across on the internet! Your attention to detail is incredibly inspiring.


  2. The only reference I’ve ever seen for the window in the pendulum chamber is from this shot:
    It doesn’t give you great resolution and the style of the mullions and cusps is unusual for Hogwarts, which usually follows the English decorated and perpendicular styles. The card model also shows a sketch of where the window is located and how tall it is in relation to the other windows, but it’s not great resolution either.
    Just sharing in case they’re helpful.


  3. Ahhh, one of the things I love most about this blog… the sheer amount of random, fascinating Hogwarts trivia you find out. Knowing that the Big Doors are, in fact, about 68 ft is oddly satisfying. (Bet Hagrid gets a workout slamming those shut every night.) Freakin’ love that worm’s-eye-view render, too – very Gothic, very moody. Cuaron would dig it, I reckon.

    Really looking forward to seeing your recreation of the pendulum, too! They actually have the original still swinging at Leavesden, which is awesome; there’s this cool mechanical rig up top that fakes some very plausible periodic motion. Here’s a video of it in action:

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    1. Ooh, I’d only seen photos of the pendulum there – I didn’t realize it was still swinging! I’d wondered what the mechanism looked like, since I knew there wasn’t much more to that set vertically than what we see in the film. Super cool!


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