Cool Link: 3D Winchester Mystery House Tour

Unrelated to Hogwarts, but I thought it might appeal to a few readers – the Winchester Mystery House has made available a 3D-model-meets-Google-Street-View tour of its interior!

If you’re not familiar with this spot, it’s a bizarre mansion in San Jose, California. It came together over decades of unplanned construction under the direction of its owner, Sarah Winchester. Some people take the haunted house angle; personally, I have no belief in the supernatural, but I’m fascinated with the gargantuan house’s architecture – stairs to nowhere, windows from one room into another, doors that open to steep exterior dropoffs, etc.

I always wanted to see the layout of the whole house, but it was built with no master plan and I’d never found any attempts at creating one ex post facto. Now that’s all changed – Matterport 3D Tours spent a weekend capturing the house so that it can be explored digitally in the age of COVID-19. That also means you can get a sense of the floor plan, and although I’m annoyed that the orthographic floor plan view has been disabled, it’s still a dream come true.

Anyway, I’ve already found it to be well worth the $8.99 it costs and I’m looking forward to continuing to explore. If you’re interested as well, check it out at

Insert legal disclaimer about me not being affiliated with Winchester Investments LLC here, blah blah blah. I’m not getting a cut of their sales – I just think it’s cool as f$%#!

Anyway, more 3D Hogwarts stuff to come!


3 thoughts on “Cool Link: 3D Winchester Mystery House Tour

  1. This is cool! I may have to buy this since it’s something I’ve always wanted to explore since I found out about it.

    Looks like Hogwarts Legacy will introduce their own version of 1800s Hogwarts. Maybe something for you to take in the future.


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