“Forbidden Journey” Dungeon Interior Layout

My arms have still been giving me intermittent RSI problems. But even when I can’t work on the project, that doesn’t mean my computer can’t! I’ve always wanted to figure out the layout of the indoor queue for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios Hollywood, and without floor plans, photogrammetry is the best method I have for measuring it out. So I set up some Meshroom projects, prepared frames from some YouTube videos, and let ’em run while I rested my arms.

All I’ve got so far are the dungeons, on the ground floor. Functionally, these are just a way to get people from the entrance in the front of the building to the greenhouses in the back. In terms of story, these give the rider a chance to see the Mirror of Erised, the statue from the third-floor corridor in the first film, the entrance to Potions, the entrance to the kitchens, and so forth.

Kinda hard to understand what you’re looking at. Maybe a plan view with a faint aerial photo beneath it will help?

Funnily enough, the entrance to the kitchens does seem to be beneath the Great Hall, just as it is in the books.

Anyway, for good measure, here’s a quick flyaround animation:

Of course, this is missing the lockers and the retail space and the ride exit and any number of behind-the-scenes areas that I assume fill out the rest of the ground floor. Maybe someday.

Eventually I’ll do the main part of the indoor queue on the upper levels. Then the hope is to actually build a proper model of the exterior, and probably as much of the interior as I can as well. But since I’m busy with other parts of the H4D project right now, I thought I’d at least share a glimpse of what I’ve got so far.


8 thoughts on ““Forbidden Journey” Dungeon Interior Layout

  1. so I know you have said that films 1-6 and 8 as well as this version of the castle are the ones you’re building.
    Though I have wondered if you’d do a second version of the DHII castle after it has been destroyed by battle.
    Idk how much reference there is but I was amazed to see how the entire central tower + one bell tower are completely obliterated!


  2. I like that you are getting started on other Hogwarts Castle related things!

    A few days ago I came by accident across the plans of the Hogwarts Castle from the Forbidden Journey, just in time so it seems :p
    Universal Orlando opened two new stores; a Merchendise Store with merchendise of all their franchises, the Harry Potter section is pretty big. Above the wand shelves you can see various plans of Hogsmeade shops, Hogwarts Castle and Gringotts.

    Too bad I can’t find good pictures of the plans… if someone read this and has the possibility of going to Universal Orlando; PLEASE make a few photos of the plans!! 🙂

    Viaduct Entrance – Universal Orlando

    Universal Studios Store Hogwarts plans

    The other new store is a Legacy Store with merchendise with throwback legacy stuff of past attractions and themes. Sirius’ motorcycle, the Goblet of Fire and last but not least a cardboard model of the Wizarding World park is there to see.

    Wizarding World Park Cardboard Model

    Universal Legacy Store – Wizarding World Cardboard Model
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Guz9Fc9upOQ 10:59


  3. Do you know the diameter and height of the Grand Staircase Tower here? I know the “real” one is 91 feet wide and hundreds of feet tall, I’m wondering what the scale is.


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