GOF Viaduct Courtyard Area

When we last saw the Goblet of Fire Hogwarts model, I had grabbed some elements from the clock tower area and duplicated them in front of the Great Hall. Since then, I’ve adapted those elements to create the new entrance hall and viaduct courtyard.

Here’s the fixed-up version (right); slide to compare it to the render from last time, just showing the unaltered clock tower and courtyard elements (left):

(Ignore the way the “link building” roof gets steeper; that’s just a fix because I realized I’d made it too low.)

Here’s are some miscellaneous shots around the area:

This next one gives a good sense of what details I put into the clock, as well as what details I didn’t:

Conspicuously missing in that last render is the “pepperpot” building next to the Great Hall – hence the gap in the balustrade toward the right side, immediately adjacent to the courtyard. I think I’ll probably be adding that building next.


8 thoughts on “GOF Viaduct Courtyard Area

  1. It’s really interesting seeing the little differences between the courtyards! it;s a shame they didn’t use it as much as I’d like before the 7-8 redesign.

    Once the pepperpot and maybe parapet changes are done, would you be willing to do a plan view comparison of the 1-3 hall and reception area with the GoF hall and courtyard area, please? And for that matter a before/after render of the reception to clock gates oriented so the link wall is in the same place? I’m curious exactly how much space is gained/lost.

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  2. What are the spells for architecture, building extension & morphing, etc?
    Is Dumbledore the only one who can change Hogwarts? Can Profs change their classrooms?
    Order of Phoenix remodeled a building to hide & access their headquarters.

    Think you need a drone-ish movie fly threw / over by time period (HP#).
    Great stuff.


    1. My feeling is that the castle just changes based on its own whims. I don’t think it’s ever really established, though.

      And yes, the eventual culmination of this whole project will involve drone-style flyover videos through the different designs!

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  3. What do you think the connection between the pepperpot and the great hall/viaduct courtyard looks like? I have some images, but they’re not very high quality. Especially the roof of it is hard to spot, do you have any good images?

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