Vacation Time!

I’m gonna be away from my computer for a bit, so don’t be surprised by the lack of updates. But I’ll give you a glimpse of the progress to come after that:

See you soon!


9 thoughts on “Vacation Time!

  1. I just found this website and I have to say well done Sir! I love your work and the Hogwarts are really coming along!

    I am trying to build a minifigure-scale hogwarts from lego
    and this project will be really nice to see the placements of all the towers and buildings and maybe dimensions… Not sure how it will go, but this site…. omg.. such an awesome job!

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  2. hey man! I’d love to be a part of this, since I’ve just discovered this and I also have been working in the last month on models of the astronomy tower, Hagrid’s hut and the Hogwarts express. you’re doing some really amazing work! I’d love to do some texturing or detailing or something small for this project. whatever you need. well, really love what you’re doing, its truly incredible


    1. Still alive, don’t worry! I’ve been super busy post-vacation, but I’ve still been sneaking in bits of work on the model here and there. Should be able to post the complete GOF boathouse steps tomorrow!

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