GOF Boathouse Stairs

I’m back! I’ve been way too busy to put much time into Hogwarts, but I’ve been able to sneak in enough moments here and there to have an update for today.

Big staircases with lots of landings and odd angles aren’t necessarily super fun for me, but they’ve gotta be done. The GOF version of the boathouse stairs kept the same look as the original, but they were all reconfigured so they could meet up with the viaduct courtyard. They only changed once more, in DH, when the viaduct courtyard and boathouse both changed.

I started cannibalizing bits and pieces of my original build to create the GOF version, working from the bottom up:

At this point, it was just about getting the pieces in place. I knew I’d fix all the spots where they intersect once I had the overall setup right.

As I finished arranging the different flights and landings, I was surprised to discover that the steps were vertically overshooting the viaduct courtyard by a significant margin. On the left is the too-tall version; on the right is the same thing after squashing the whole thing down a bit:

Then it was just a matter of clipping off all the extra bits so the pieces actually fit together neatly – the most tedious step of them all – and adding the flambeaux that light the way. Here are the complete GOF steps on the right, compared to their predecessors on the left:

We’ll wrap up for today with an interesting plan view of the GOF castle, with the original boathouse steps superimposed as well:

Hoping my next update will not take this long!


8 thoughts on “GOF Boathouse Stairs

  1. Welcome back, hope your holiday has been enriching.

    I always love these before/after shots! It’s interesting that the boathouse doesn’t move at all.

    If you’re willing, could you do me a favour? Remember that before/after of the great hall you did way back in this post?: https://hogwarts4d.home.blog/2021/06/17/starting-the-goblet-of-fire-castle/

    The one where they’re lined up over each other. Could you put together an updated version for your next post with the reception vs. courtyard and link buildings? I’m really curious how much practical space changes between the old entrance hall and the new one and where the link walls are and so on.


      1. The first two, the ones where the great hall itself is in the same place instead of moving.


      2. Thanks! Oh, and if you do get them line up, a plan view comparison would also be really helpful! Don’t stress yourself though – if it isn’t working out then it’s not the end of the world.


    1. As do we all, Mr. Cow, as do we all. 😉

      Excellent to see you back, Joe, as always! The roof flashing atop the Turris Magnus looks quite splendid in that final plan view – and it’s always fascinating to see how these more intricate sections of the castle twisted and turned over time.

      In some of these shots, the boathouse stairs remind me a bit of a marble run – did you ever have one of those as a kid? Now that’d be an awesome idea for a licensed set…

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