My recent absence

The blog has been quiet lately. I’m sad to say that part of this is due to the sudden illness and death of a loved one. I do still hope to resume the project at some point, but right now, I’m just focused on my family. I know all you “regulars” will understand.

In the meantime, give your loved ones a hug. Tell them how much they mean to you. If you live far away, go for that visit you’ve been meaning to plan. These sound like cliches, but they really do make all the difference.


13 thoughts on “My recent absence

  1. Ooooof. You have my deepest condolences, Joe! Take as much time as you need. Just know your project has been a continual source of fascination and wonder to many of us, and we’ll always be happy to see you back when you’re ready.


  2. Very sorry to hear of your loss, Joe. We’re thinking of you and wishing you and your family peace and comfort. It’s kind of you to keep us perfect strangers informed.


  3. So sorry to hear that, Joe! Deepest condolences on your loss, and please take all the time that you need. I hope the memories you have will be a source of joy and comfort for many years to come – but as I know all too well, that is never quite the same thing. Thank you so much for thinking to keep us oddballs informed at this strange and difficult time.


  4. Found your blog today and your latest video. What you are doing is amazing and to me it is unclear why such a popular franchise has not been reflected in 3d modeling. My condolences to you and I hope you will find the strength to cope with your loss.


  5. Hey, I hope your’re doing alright!
    The first teaser trailer of Secrets of Dumbledore is out now.
    It has a few nice Hogwarts shots in it – we’re hopefully getting some more on monday.
    I think I even noticed some minor changes on the DH castle


  6. Hola, Joe, Feliz año nuevo, quería decirte se te hecha mucho de menos, por aquí, espero que vuelvas pronto, me encanta lo que estás haciendo, con el castillo Hogwarts, es genial poder ver este castillo es sus distintas versiones, muchísimas gracias por compartir el proceso de esta gran obra ❤️ No me canso de verlo, es brutal. Por cierto siento muchísimo tu pérdida. Ojalá ya estés mejor. Un saludo, desde España.


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