Bonus SS Quad Corrections

I have to thank one of our regulars for pointing out another detail visible in the new photos of the quad: There appear to be steps around the perimeter! In fact, I think these were part of what originally made me think there was tracery in the arches—in the overhead shot in COS, the steps are vaguely visible, but it’s not at all clear what they are. Anyway, here’s a small post showing off that fix. Thanks, Englanderish!

(As a bonus thank you, I’ve temporarily installed that artificial sun you requested. It does get dark down there in the original quad.)

I’ll wrap up this short post with another SS/GOF slider, partly to show another angle of the steps, and partly because I added a couple more flambeaux to the GOF version. This is the view you’d have with your window pressed up against the big window in the marble staircase tower.


14 thoughts on “Bonus SS Quad Corrections

  1. Very nice – it always intrigues me just moch small detail changes adjust the look of a thing. The arches might need some more touch-ups one day, but not exactly a priority right now.


  2. Disculpa que te pregunte en español pero de seguro que google traductor te ayudará mejor de lo que yo pueda escribir en ingles. Me encantaria que me dejaras una captura legible de la cnfiguracion que usas para el nodo de textura de ladrillos, me encanta como se ensucia la textura justo en las esquinas y rincones cosa que no logro hacer con una oclusion abiental basica. Gracias y espero tu respuesta.


  3. Hi I was just watching the chamber of secrets fly over show of the quad when I saw that the cloisters appear to be thinner on the sides than at the back which is something that I’ve never noticed before. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned or noticed this or not. Great work by the way.


      1. Your welcome. Yeah I’ve seen the blueprints I know they’re the width on those but for the shot I’m 90% certain that cloisters at the side of the courtyard are thinner than the one at the back and possibly the front ( under the arch way ) although we don’t see that part. Could just be the angle of the shot though and you are alot more knowledgeable about the castle than me. Have a good day or night.


      2. Maybe when Carrie is back to take the snow off we could beg her for a pic of the roof in there to check.


  4. Looking great! I’m not quite sure how to feel about this version of the quad yet, but it is undoubtedly accurate as always 🙂


  5. Have you gotten yourself ahold of the official book of hogwarts related blueprints they just released this october? Looks like it contains a lot of of the things you crave…


  6. Hei! Fantastic work, been a fan for a long time. I’m also a modeller and I’ve been really wanting to create an interior map of he area of the castle sounding the quad courtyard, including the griffindoor common room and the hospital wing. I’m a fan of how these areas look in Hogwarts Legacy, however I find it somewhat lacking, as a lot of the interior space is simply not present. I would love to try to make my own consept for this part of the castle, however I’ve been having a most awful time trying to find top down blueprints that match the various side view drawings that I’ve found. This is probably a long shot, but do you think you could help me out a bit? An orthographic top down view of your castle model would be of amazing help trying to map out these interiors


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