The Beginning

All my life, I’ve often found myself tumbling headlong into unusual obsessive hobbies. In January 2019, I tumbled into a new one. I was struck by the realization that Hogwarts Castle underwent a number of design changes over the course of the Harry Potter films, and I wanted to be able to watch a time-lapse of those changes from a stationary vantage point. Any stationary vantage point. The only solution was to create a 3D model…of all 7+ versions of Hogwarts…in my free time.

So I got started.

I have no idea how long this passion project will go for – I do tend to jump between my different interests quite a bit – but it’s been a good time so far, and I thought I’d share my progress with any likeminded fans of the Potter franchise, cool architecture, and/or 3D modeling.

Have fun perusing!


9 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I stumbled across your blog while doing research for my own Hogwarts model, and I must say I’m impressed by the amount (and quality) of work you have been able to in such a short timespan! I find your concept of a 4D model really intriguing. Even after the hundreds of hours I have put into my own project, I still find it puzzling to piece together all the different buildings and their iterations.

    I’m also working on a 3D model, but that’s not my endgame; I’m using the 3D model as reference for a physical model of the Hogwarts and the castle grounds. Here you can see the scale I’m working with:

    If you are interested, I have an extensive collection of reference photos (mainly of the Leavesden model and architectural drawings) I could share. You have probably already seen them, though.


    1. Hey Lars! Thanks for your kind words! I’m pretty sure I’ve stumbled upon your own beautiful work in my research process too…I’m sure our Google search histories have a lot of queries in common, haha.

      I appreciate the offer to share resources, too! My reference folder also consists of photos of the Leavesden model, film screenshots, a few behind-the-scenes photos, concept art, photos of the theme park versions, and as many technical drawings as I’ve been able to find. To be frank, I’m taking a bit of a break right now to catch up on some other projects, but once I resume, I’ll definitely take stock and see if there are any holes you might be able to help with! Keep up the amazing work in the mean time!

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  2. This is super interesting. I also played around with the Hogwarts layout. I put up my model for download, maybe you’ll find it informative. Although I took some big liberties with the layout.

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      1. Wow, I’m so glad you shared that! This is such a beautiful video. I’m particularly inspired by your camera work. I’m going to study your file. I’d be interested to know more about what methods you used for animating the camera.


      2. It’s just tweaking the camera in Blender’s graph editor, making sure all the location and rotation curves are nice and smooth. 🙂

        I regret not being able to make the scenery around my castle prettier, trees and foliage and mountains. I had so many ideas but eventually lost motivation to continue working on it. Hogwarts turned out too ambitious of a project for me.

        Hopefully you’ll have more luck than me. I’ll keep an eye your project. The detail of your castle is incredible.


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