Small Project Update

Bah, my repetitive strain injuries have gotten bad again. This is going to delay my next post, sadly. I’m trying to get the issue taken care of, but it’s resisting treatment, and the American healthcare system is particularly unkind to the unemployed. (Thanks, COVID!)

If you’re enjoying this project and want to support my healing process so I can see it through, donations of any size are appreciated. I’m on Venmo as @Joe-Cardello.

Regardless, I’ll hope to have more for you before too long!


4 thoughts on “Small Project Update

  1. Good to hear from you. Sorry you aren’t healing in a reliable way. Your health is more important. Looking forward to a healthier Joe and project updates once this is taken care of. All the best.


  2. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to donate, but I still wish you the best. Remember that your health is more important than your project.


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