Bonus SS Quad Corrections

I have to thank one of our regulars for pointing out another detail visible in the new photos of the quad: There appear to be steps around the perimeter! In fact, I think these were part of what originally made me think there was tracery in the arches—in the overhead shot in COS, the steps are vaguely visible, but it’s not at all clear what they are. Anyway, here’s a small post showing off that fix. Thanks, Englanderish!

(As a bonus thank you, I’ve temporarily installed that artificial sun you requested. It does get dark down there in the original quad.)

I’ll wrap up this short post with another SS/GOF slider, partly to show another angle of the steps, and partly because I added a couple more flambeaux to the GOF version. This is the view you’d have with your window pressed up against the big window in the marble staircase tower.


My recent absence

The blog has been quiet lately. I’m sad to say that part of this is due to the sudden illness and death of a loved one. I do still hope to resume the project at some point, but right now, I’m just focused on my family. I know all you “regulars” will understand.

In the meantime, give your loved ones a hug. Tell them how much they mean to you. If you live far away, go for that visit you’ve been meaning to plan. These sound like cliches, but they really do make all the difference.